There are many of them, those anti-sport ones who swear by running. His good points? A rhythm and intensity that can be modulated, a changing décor and a proven anti-stress effect. Some compare it to meditation, others see performance, some run around town with their favorite playlist in their ears, others in the middle of nature with the noise of the wind as a competitor. We can’t swear that you’ll love it, but we can only advise you to try: gently, on an easy and pressure-free course.


Running, no thanks? Place in plan B. Yes, walking is a true sport, provided it is practiced at a good pace, at least 6 km/h. In the end, we enjoy the same benefits as with running, without the violent impacts on the joints: relaxation, meditation, contact with nature, strengthened muscles and cardiovascular system, buttocks of hell and curved calves. And here too, we keep the possibility of adapting the exercise to our lifestyle, from morning walks with stimulating music in the ears to a night walk with the dog!


Another one that is good for the body, heart and head! In the family of anti-stress sports, swimming is called for, a champion of slender silhouettes and gentle sports activity. The good combo? The sensation of water on the skin is divine, the resistance of water increases the efficiency of movements tenfold and prevents, in passing, injuries, tension or even aches and pains. As for staying on time, we go with a girlfriend and we have a gossip session every ten lengths.


For those who would like to be muscular, but hate to stir, make room for the most deceitful sports! Yoga seems slow, seems soft, but relaxes and loosens, while sculpting concrete muscles. Should we add a layer? It tones and softens the body, soothes and strengthens the mind, is practiced in a soft version in the living room, collective in a dynamic or intense class in a superheated room. The only imperative is to choose your method and make it a real routine to avoid losing yourself.


Another sport that doesn’t look like sports, here’s a good way to move without suffering! For those who like loneliness, we throw the playlist at home, close the curtains and pretend to be Beyonce at the Super Bowl. For those who prefer to be supervised, you can choose between zumba, belly dancing or hip-hop classes, unless you’re training for tango or acrobatic rock. The air of nothing, we use almost all the muscles, we improve respiratory and cardiovascular capacities, and we don’t even see the passing of time.


Just like jogging or brisk walking, bicycles can be used to choose where, when and how. In other words, you ride a retro bike and pedal to work, you ride the city from one side to the other on a Vélib’ or you can cross muddy mountain bike fields. In any case, you gain a concrete musculature, a soothed mind and a very practical means of transport, without forcing on the joints. The bonus? No need to sweat even with large drops, the duration and consistency are sufficient for efficiency. You pedal at your own pace, music in the eardrums and nose in the wind!