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Welcome to our health blog where you can read all about healthy lifestyle, nutritionism, various nutritional programs that can prevent and reverse asthma, allergies, diabetes, arthritis and heart disease, among many other things. This blog is dedicated to the work of Jack Challem, a man completely devoted to the healthy lifestyle and natural ways of healing.

He wrote a book called The Inflammation Syndrome, where he pointed out how important it is to focus in inflammation as the most important underlying factor in disease and health. His book is an excellent source of very useful information.

People who are into this sort of things can easily find out how vitamins C and E which are great antioxidants can easily reshape and modify their lifestyle by making an impact on the main factors like nutritional supplements or food.

It also points out how nutraceuticals can play a very important if not crucial role in reducing the symptoms and risks of inflammatory disorders while restoring your health and keeping your organism functioning normally. Learning about the processes in your body can be really helpful in the years to come.

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